Review From MF

Review From MF

After seeing the Kitchen Safe team on shark tank and what I believed to be their sincere review of the safe. I clearly bought this safe to lock up small items for set amounts of time. The issue I have with this product is that the lid can be removed without damaging the tupperware. If the pins locked further it would not be able to be opened easily.

I don’t want to ruin the safe, but it can be opened with items I guarantee are in your kitchen. I am writing this review not to bash the product, but to warn anyone who has poor self-control to avoid this item. The fact that it can be opened without ruining the container made the container useless to me. This product is 99% finished, but overall fails to act as a deterrent. The tupperware is nice quality and heavy duty, which is why it doesn’t break when forcefully opened.

I feel highly disappointed with this purchase. This item could be great with a few simple revisions. Now they remain unused. This is better suited as a kids punishment item. I say again, if you plan to purchase this item to fight any addiction avoid it as it can be opened repeatedly without damaging it.

Would change my review to five stars if the safe couldn’t be opened without damaging it. Very disappointed, a new model is needed to correct these obvious issues.

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